About Us

The Renal Services Exchange (RSE) was created to be the partner in joint venture by the National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA) with Metro Medical, Inc. in the Renal Purchasing Group (RPG).

The RSE Board of Directors is appointed annually by the NRAA Board of Directors, during the NRAA annual meeting in the fall. The RSE Board has 12 members who are responsible for governance and  direction.

RSE Mission

To provide access to competitively priced drugs, products, supplies, health information technology, and business services that help support the chronic kidney disease community to thrive. (Approved January 5, 2016)

RSE Position

With a focus on the independent and smaller provider of renal care services, we will provide access to solutions that enable providers to better compete, grow their business and serve their patients.

RSE Values

First Choice – We aim to be the first choice for supplies and services related to high quality and innovative health care.

Trust – We seek to build trust through continuous communication and integrated touchpoints.

Access – We provide unparalleled access to solutions.

Reliable – We are reliable in all we say and do.

Empower* – We empower our customers to do what they do best: provide high quality treatment and innovative care.

*Empower: To equip or supply with an ability; enable