Doug Johnson and Diane Wish Discuss Integrated Kidney Care for Independent Providers

RSE board members Doug Johnson, MD, vice chair of Dialysis Clinic, Inc., and Diane Wish, RN, MBA, president and chief executive officer of Centers for Dialysis Care, shared their expertise on integrated kidney care with the independent provider community during a December 2, 2015 webinar, part of the NRAA Webinar Wednesdays learning series.

In 2014, RSE sponsored a 15-part webinar series called A Road Map to the Future of Integrated Kidney Care. On October 7, 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the start of the new accountable care organization model called the Comprehensive ESRD Care Model. Through this new model, CMS is partnering with health care providers – ESRD Seamless Care Organizations (ESCOs) – to test and evaluate a new model of payment and care delivery to improve Medicare ESRD beneficiary health outcomes and reduce Medicare spending.

Wish and Johnson revisited the timely and emergent topic.  They provided historic perspective on the experience of providers that decided to participate in the ESCOs by offering lessons learned and best practices from their application process, including physician and provider partner identification, attracting champion access surgeons, and location selection. Webinar participants gained high-level knowledge on IT infrastructure, case management platforms, compliance programs and medication therapy management, that serve as the backbone of care coordination.  They touched upon CKD care coordination, patient education and engagement and establishing a model of care in the first 120 days to put quality care practices in place to decrease the risk of hospitalizations.  Depression screening and how to better educate dialysis patients on supportive care options were also explored.  Lastly, Doug and Diane their thoughts on the future of kidney care coordination and the role of the independent dialysis provider.