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2016 U.S. Dialysis Industry: National Cost & Quality Benchmarking Reports

The 2016 U.S. Dialysis Industry: National Cost & Quality Benchmarking Reports is a comprehensive set of reports which is periodically updated throughout the year to offer the most current data available. The reports offer national cost and quality benchmarking data for the U.S. dialysis industry.

The 2016 Release includes:

  • Cost metrics for 2010-2014, with an updated set of 2014 cost statistics
  • Clinical and quality metrics reported through June 2015
  • Payment year 2016 QIP scores
  • The newest 2015-16 Star Ratings
  • New data on ESA costs and utilization, with a breakout of Aranesp from Epogen, and national average sales price data for each ESA
  • New operating ratios and a bad debt benchmark
  • No longer reporting the out-of-date clinical and demographic data from the dialysis facility reports, which have not been released publicly since 2012
  • Most of these measures have been replaced with up-to-date information from dialysis facility compare and cost reports.

The tool is available to NRAA members as a benefit.

RSE Bundle PPS Calculator

RSE has released a 2016 version of the PPS payment/reimbursement Excel-based calculator that allows a user to input patient and facility information to estimate Medicare payments and costs under the ESRD PPS.

The PPS Calculator is downloadable from the NRAA website under the Members Only section.

The Calculator is designed to show monthly payments and costs. A user should be able to reconcile actual Medicare payments via the calculator to ensure they are being reimbursed appropriately.

RSE Preferred Vendor Program for ICH CAHPS for NRAA Members

The the In-Center Hemodialysis Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Survey, also referred to as the ICH CAHPS Survey, is conducted for dialysis facilities by survey vendors approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS.)

RSE Preferred Vendors meet CMS approval, are capable of providing the required service, and offer competitive pricing for NRAA members. Information on the Preferred Vendors is available on NRAA Members Only Home.

RSE- ICH CAHPS Preferred