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[Philadelphia, P.A. – March 28, 2017] Renal Services Exchange (RSE) announced this month that the NRAA HIE has certified Epic as an EMR vendor for CROWNWeb connectivity. With this certification, the NRAA HIE now has a total of 17 certified EMR vendors. The NRAA HIE is the only kidney specific HIE, with over 24 million transactions since its inception. Today, this represents the largest volume on The Sequoia Project’s nationwide eHealth Exchange health data sharing network.

The Epic certification comes at an important time to help large health systems connect more easily and submit mandatory CROWNWeb data electronically to CMS. The NRAA HIE began its work with dialysis facilities and quickly found that many hospitals and large health systems also wanted to submit their data electronically over a web-based manual data entry process. With a focus on hospital systems, Epic certification allows more providers a greater chance for connectivity and data exchanges.

“The eHealth Exchange network supports nationwide connectivity for all types of care settings and more than a dozen use cases, such as federal reporting requirements. We have been very impressed with the NRAA HIE’s growth and look forward to supporting their expanded services with Epic,” said Marianne Yeager, CEO, The Sequoia Project.

The RSE is a subsidiary of the National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA), established to develop products and services for the independent dialysis community. In 2008, the NRAA HIE set out to provide electronic submission for independent, regional and community-based dialysis organizations, offering them a cost and time saving solution. The NRAA HIE is a disease specific HIE, representing over 1,000 dialysis facilities nationwide.

“We are pleased to have completed the certification with Epic and are eager to begin data exchange with Epic-based customers.  We have all invested in interoperability and this is an important connection for the health systems and their patients”, says Howard Thomas, NRAA HIE Program Director.

Looking ahead, the NRAA HIE has been working to establishing new data standards with several other large ESRD providers.   These new data standards can allow for greater data exchange in the future, creating an easier access point for non-ESRD oriented facilities to quickly establish data flow with their community care partners.  This progressive undertaking is led by industry leaders including NRAA, representing the independent, community-based providers.

“We look forward to advancing the HIE with the opportunity to offer additional products and service to the kidney community so they are prepared for future changes to the ESRD program”, Marc Chow, Executive Director of Renal Services Exchange

The NRAA HIE is committed to continued certification of EMR vendors and expanding upon services offered through our existing partners. The inclusion of Epic and its large and growing client base serves as an example of ways to integrate non-ESRD focused systems with the NRAA HIE.




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