The 2017 RSE PPS Bundle Calculator Ready for Download and Use

The  2017 RSE Bundle PPS Calculator is now posted on NRAA Members Only at    The calculator is designed to show monthly payments and costs. A user should be able to reconcile actual Medicare payments via the calculator to ensure the dialysis facility is being reimbursed appropriately. For 2017, the PPS Calculator has been streamlined and simplified for easier use and clearer presentation of results, and has been updated with new national benchmarking data derived from the RSE Benchmarking Tool. Further enhancements and additional functionality are planned for the 2018 and 2019 released.

Developed with the assistance of the RSE Business Tools Committee, the RSE Bundle PPS Calculator is available without charge as a benefit of NRAA membership. Access the RSE Bundle PPS Calculator by visiting the Reimbursement folder within the Tools & Resources Section of  Members Only on  (member login and password required).

This RSE Calculator is designed in three parts which includes patient revenue analysis, facility cost analysis, and scenario testing.